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Poor nutrition and lack of basic health care separates thousands of families in Haiti.

Mothers die from childbirth at 16 times the rate they do in the United States. The children they leave behind are usually sick, and family members are often unable to pay for their medical care. These vulnerable children end up in institutions that pay for their care before sending them abroad for adoption, or, more often, house them until they are teenagers.

Providing Formula through the Nutrition Program

Haitian Families First provides life-saving infant formula to children without a breastfeeding mother.

Formula is the best alternative when babies cannot get milk from their mothers, but most Haitians cannot afford it. Poor relatives resort to watering down bread or feeding adult food to newborns.

The Nutrition Program provides formula to families with newborns so that the families can stay together and raise healthy babies. Haitian Families First also provides healthcare, prenatal supplements, and education to mothers and their families. The Nutrition Program helps mothers stay healthy and informed to increase their chances of surviving the pregnancy and birth.

A happy Sidney - Haitian Families First

The Program also prepares other family members to care for the child. Caretakers receive food stipends and an infant startup kit with clothes, cloth diapers, washcloths, and baby wash.

Support a family in our nutrition program by donating $130 per month!

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