Education Sponsorship Campaign

Make a donation to the Education Program through Haitian Families First

You may be thinking “Didn’t the school year just come to an end??”

Yes! And the Haitian Families First team is just as excited about this summer as you and your family are. In fact, we may be a little bit more excited because this summer brings this year’s edition of our….

Education Sponsorship Campaign!

If you know anything about Haitian Families First, you know that we are working in Haiti to keep families together, and help them thrive. Our goal is to keep children out of orphanages by supporting their parents/caregivers- but our ultimate goal is to help each family we work with to become self sufficient. So they don’t need our help anymore!

One of the most impactful ways we can support a family is by getting kids into school. Most schools in Haiti are privatized, requiring that each student pay an annual tuition fee. This fee alone is out of reach for most working parents and caregivers who are earning less than $80 US per month. For a sponsorship of $240 for an entire year, you can truly change the course of a child’s future in Haiti.

How far does $240 go?

In addition to covering the annual tuition and school fees, HFF is dedicated to ensuring that everything each student needs to have a successful school year is covered. This includes:

  • books
  • uniforms
  • shoes
  • backpack and all other school supplies
  • a snack each day
  • transportation to and from school
  • tutoring and support from HFF team throughout the school year

This coming school year, Haitian Families First has the opportunity to support and educate 115 children. Many of these children were part of our education program last year, and we asked them how receiving school sponsorship has impacted their life -

I have the dream to study law but I had to stop school when I was 12 because we could not pay. Now I am back in school and know I will be a lawyer.

Guervens, 19 years old, 8th grade

I love going to school every day with my little brother. I show him things because I am older than him.

Esteven, 7 years old, 1st grade (big brother to 4 year old Edanson)

I want to be a nurse when I am finished with school to help people that are sick, I know I have to do well in school.

Fabiola, 16 years old, 6th grade

Will you please consider sponsorship of a Haitian Families First child for the 2014-2015 school year?

Here are some suggestions for how to join this campaign -

  • Send a check for $240 to Haitian Families First PO Box 99834 Pittsburgh, PA 15233
  • Click Here! to make your $240 donation through paypal
  • Ask a group of your friends or coworkers to come together to sponsor a child
  • Have a summer barbeque or get together in your home and ask your guests to make a small donation with a goal of raising $240
  • Invite Ali to come speak at your office or event
  • Have a lemonade stand and try to sell 240 cups of lemonade!

Our goal is to ensure that all 115 children receive sponsorship by September 1st.

Sponsor a child for $240