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From Basic Necessities Today to Sustainability for Tomorrow


You can help Jamie and Ali continue their work in the field by joining the effort from your home. Monthly sponsorships keep the work growing, keep HFF families sustained, keep Haitian communities thriving. Sign up once, give each month.


All sponsors receive a subscription to our quarterly newsletter, Fanmi Kunyea, which is Kreyole for “Families Now.” The newsletter is only available to sponsors and provides pictures and stories about the children and families we’re helping.

Learn about our programs and how you can support our efforts in keeping families together. Whether you give once or sign up for recurring monthly donations, we depend on your support.

Our goal is to use 100% of your donation dollars to support families enrolled in our programs. When you gift HFF a tax-deductible donation, you can be certain that you are growing Haiti, one family at a time. Whether it’s Clercine’s family, or Junia’s family, or Jeta’s family, you are making a difference at the grassroots level that will grow and sustain Haiti.

Want to help grow a country? Want to build a sustainable nation?
When you support HFF, you are doing just that.

Nutrition Program:

Access to formula can be the difference between life and death for a newborn. In Haiti, formula is out of reach of most families, due to cost. Our nutrition program is one of the most important services we provide. Due to the constant need, it is also one of the costliest programs.

Because of the lack of prenatal education, healthcare access, and hospital care during pregnancy, many mothers die during childbirth, leaving a newborn in the care of the father or other immediate family member. Most fathers and other family members we have met want to keep the newborn in their care, but feel they are not equipped to do so. With simple education and access to formula and supplements through our nutrition program, any caregiver can feel confident in caring for a newborn.

Without proper access to formula, and with breast milk being unavailable, many fathers and family members resort to watering or milking down bread or other adult food to feed a newborn, leading to an immediate crisis in health, which then necessitates a visit to a hospital. Hospital care in Haiti is generally a pay-before-care service and most hospitals are an expensive and distant ride away. These factors keep many families from routine healthcare that could cost a newborn a chance at proper health. As ill newborns grow into sick children and then unhealthy adults, the cycle of poor health continues and is passed on to the next generation. This cycle can end and should end at the very root – a mother and her child. Poor health and an ill lifestyle can end with access to proper nutrition.


Formula saves lives and helps keep newborns with their Haitian families.

For only $130 per month, a mother, father, or other family member committed to caring for an infant gets access to formula. A single father can have the opportunity to raise his child himself. To learn about a father whose life has been changed by our nutrition program, click here.

Sponsors in our nutrition program will receive updates on a few of the babies in our program every quarter via email. When you support HFF, you will be able to chart the change you are making in lives of the most vulnerable Haitians.

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Health & Wellness Program:

A visit to a physician in Haiti is not as simple as consulting a healthcare provider to find an in-network doctor. Getting there is not as easy as hopping on the metro at the cost of a single zone fare. Moreover, paying for the visit could mean going without other necessities, like food or rent. Families find themselves making choices based on the most important need at that moment and often, cannot make a decision based on long-term benefits due to sheer poverty. This means that the pay-before-service visits to a hospital fall to the bottom of the list, leaving children suffering, adults ailing, and the elderly incredibly ill. Many times an illness is left untreated until it is too late to reverse what may have started out as a small infection or minor fever-based illness.

Our many years in Haiti have given us a great gift; the ability to better assist families in our Health & Wellness program. We have trust and respect-based relationships with staff members at several hospitals and clinics in and around Port-au-Prince. This enables HFF families to see a doctor when needed with the staff assured of our responsibility for the bill should the family need assistance. These relationships also help families with newborns who need immediate assistance for a number reasons. Hospital staff members routinely call on us to provide help or guidance to families in need. HFF is the organization referred to almost daily and your contributions help us provide immediate care.


The Health & Wellness program helps pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers and their babies by providing nutritional supplements and vitamins for both mother and baby. We also advocate for sick children who need care they cannot readily receive for a variety of reasons whether it is due to cost or availability of the care – children like Ylionise and Junior. You may recognize of a lot of programs aimed at helping sick children in Haiti, but Ylionise and Junior were some of the children who had fallen through the cracks before HFF’s help. Wellness begins with routine and proper healthcare.

We strive to put every donation dollar toward ensuring the children in out Health & Wellness program have access to the medical care they need to live a strong and healthy life, hitting growth milestones, as they should.

For $50 a month, you help provide life-saving and life-sustaining medical care to children in Haiti. In appreciation of your generosity, HFF will send you pictures and updates of some of the children in our Health & Wellness program. You’ll get to see the life lines you are actively helping save and sustain!

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Education Program:

It’s true that average Haitians struggle to provide their children with even the most basic needs – food and medical care. Our educational program builds on our nutrition and health & wellness programs by helping families fulfill a dream: to see their children learn more and advance farther than they have.

This program helps families identify an appropriate school and offsets the cost of tuition and fees for parents, since Haiti does not have a public school system. We also provide tutoring for children who are struggling academically or who are new to school and need help catching up to their peers.

For only $15 a month, sponsors help a child in Haiti achieve his dreams! As a token of appreciation, sponsors will receive artwork from children in the program. Help nurture a child’s dreams and see where her imagination can take her!
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