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Back To School – Our Students Need YOU!

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The Issue

There are more than 30,000 children living in orphanages in Haiti. 80% of these children have living parents.

The Reason

Parents struggle to meet their childs most basic needs: food, clothing, shelter and education.

The Ugly Truth

Orphanages offer support to parents only if the family gives the child up, forever.

Haitian Families First is committed to 115 students ranging from the ages of 2 to 21 years old.



Siblings Gloria & Kervens
Juvenski is ready for preschool
Guervens wants to be a lawyer, Danise a nurse


Will You Sponsor a Student?Individually, with a friend, as a family, or as a company; there are countless ways to get involved!

A one time donation of $240 will cover:

  • 2016-2017 tuition fees (includes testing fees 3x/year)
  • Fabric and seamstress payment for 3 sets of uniforms
  • Transportation when necessary
  • Tutoring from Haitian Families First staff
  • After school program for struggling students
Make your tax deductible donation online or Send a $240 check to: Haitian Families First, PO Box 99834, Pittsburgh PA, 15233 (please include email address on memo line)




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