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Your donation to Haitian Families First helps with programs that keep families together. You will pave the path to sustainability that most families in our programs are walking along every day.


J&AEach and every dollar you give works through much-needed care, supplies, and opportunities for families so they can avoid the need to give up their children. Should a parent lose a job or suddenly become too ill to work, your dollars will feed the children in the family until we are able to help the parent get back on his feet. If a family is struggling to pay for a child’s school lunch because of costly medical bills, we help that child eat so she can learn. In the event of a medical emergency, individuals who are unable to pay for immediate care are able to call on us to provide temporary lending so they can get healthy more quickly. You are helping to build a culture of sustainability, one family at a time. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.* Donations can be made through paypal or by mail.fredo

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Our work depends on your generous donations. Your gift can make a real difference in a child’s life. You can choose to donate once, or choose to sponsor a family with a small recurring payment, each month. Donate once, any amount. Sponsorships are simple: sign up once, donate monthly.

130 provides one baby with a month’s worth of formula. Give the gift of health and wellness through nutrition to a newborn whose mother or father is unable to provide them complete care.

20 can supply a child who suffers from anemia or other condition with a month’s worth of vitamins so that he can get and stay healthy. Maintaining strong health from an early age will help to end the cycle of ill health so often suffered by Haitian children.

15 provides a month’s worth of school lunches, helping a child meet his immediate needs so he can focus on long-term goals. Keeping a child full and nourished will help her learn. Provide two services with one donation per month.

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Nutrition Program

For only 130 per month, a mother, father, or other family member committed to caring for an infant gets access to formula. Why the great need for formula? Sadly, many poor women in Haiti lack proper prenatal care and, as a result, many often die in childbirth. Even of those mothers who survive, most lack access to the nutrition needed to produce breast milk that will completely nourish a newborn, which lends itself to a lifetime of ill health.

Importing formula is expensive and with so many families in need, the demand calls for suppliers to keep prices high and availability low. Contributions to keep our nutrition program running are always our top priority. Simply put: formula saves and sustains lives.

Sponsors in our nutrition program will receive updates on a few of the babies in our program every quarter via email. When you support HFF, you will be able to chart the change you are making in lives of the most vulnerable Haitians. Learn More

Health & Wellness Program
For 50 a month, sponsors provide life-saving and life-sustaining medical care to children in Haiti. HFF helps pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers by providing nutrition to supplement breast milk and by providing vitamins for both mother and baby. We also advocate for sick children who need care they cannot readily receive.

In appreciation of your generosity, HFF will send you pictures and updates of some of the children in our health & wellness program. You’ll get to see the life lines you are actively helping save! Learn More.

Education Program
For 15 a month, you can send a child in Haiti to school and help her achieve her dream of becoming educated. This program helps families identify appropriate schools for their children and offsets the cost of tuition and fees for schooling (since many in Haiti cannot access the public school system). HFF also provides tutoring for children who are struggling academically or who are new to school and need help catching up to their peers.
As a token of appreciation, sponsors will receive artwork by children in the education program. Help nurture a child’s dreams and see where imagination takes him!Learn More.

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Checks should be made payable to Haitian Families First and mailed to:

Haitian Families First
6906 Merton Rd

Pittsburgh, PA 15202

* Haitian Families First (formerly Haitian Orphan Rescue) is a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation formed on February 1, 2010 and is a federal tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity.Donations made to the corporation are tax deductible as charitable contributions to the extent allowable. The official registration and financial information of our organization may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999.